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You are reading Shingeki No Kyojin manga chapter 133 in English. Annie gets it! There is absolutely no reason for her to fight to save the rest of humanity. If they survive, paradis and eldians are gonna get wiped anyway. What exactly are the paradis defectors fighting for? I don't really understand. To 'save humanity', and then what? Get annihilated by them soon after? Hanje is an absolute self hating cuck. She's rather make her people extinct than fight and kill to survive. Glad that she died, don't have to see her hypocritical face again. Rest in piss bitch, for your idealistic nonsense probably will lead paradis and your people to death. Erwin would realistically spin on your grave. Flosh is the greatest character of the series, possibly only behind eren. His loyalty and determinance is second to none. He held on the anchor for possibly days just to buy his nation and his people a chance for survival; and in the end gladly gave his life for the cause. If hange survived a direct combat against a horde of colossal titans, that would've been meh. I don't even know how she got and remained for so long that close to them since they burn everything in their vicinity/near to the body. Yes, I saw the panel when she started to get burned, but anyways, even levi in his prime wouldn't have 100% chance against this situation. A leader is someone who make people keep moving, and also teach how to lead and inspire. As much as I hate this pacifist, I liked what hange did in her own words, she did looked cool. I just don't get why you guys are hating on floch. All he did was cling to a hope and belief, that the side he picked was the side which would grant the islanders their rightful counter attack against the oppressors. But I'm okay with different point of views, that's what keep things interesting. My only problem is with how this story will end.

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MangaNYC will give you the latest update on shingeki no kyojin 133 manga. What do you think that is going to happen in the next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter. Any moment from now, shingeki no kyojin 133 spoiler and shingeki no kyojin 133 Manga scans will came out of course thanks to mangahelpers and Reddit Forum for shingeki no kyojin 133 raw and spoilers. I know this chapter hands down goes to Commander Hange, but I gotta say Pieck & Annie also really pulled at heart this chapter. Re-reading the manga this past month has really given me an appreciation for her & the other warriors. That panel of the Wall Titans descending from the mountains filled me with dread. We know there’s going to be a final confrontation. This chapter proves there are way more surprises in store. Eren says this is for the sake of the Eldians on Paradis, but he’s left them directly in the path of his wrath & destruction. This is building up to be one the most crushing endings to a story I’ve ever had the privilege to witnessing.

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I think im reaching a bit, but one of my favorite aname endings ever is from "Now and then, here and there." In the end, everything just comes crashing down. Characters die, plots come to a close, a somber tone just dreads through the entire last episode. A beautiful piano score playing through its ending scene. It was so sad but hopeful at the same time. The show I remember when I think of the word bittersweet. The further attack on titan gets to ending, the more I hear the piano playing from the end of the above mentioned anime. It's coming to a close and characters are dying, will die. Some are holding onto hope and others have lost all of it. Some have nowhere left to go, some have final goals they need to accomplish. It's just so, depressing. I don't know if this story will be bittersweet or soul crushing. But I look forward to it either way. In a way it's representing the end of my manga reading career as well. Starting way back with naruto. I saw the end of Fullmetal alchemist, then naruto, then bleach, and finally attack on titan will join them. I have read many manga, but these 4 are the ones I read chapter to chapter.