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You are reading Shingeki No Kyojin manga chapter 123 in English. I think that all of Ymir's daughters already had the ability to become a titan without having eaten her mother's corpse, and i don't think either of the three was ever a shifter. We are led to believe that they get powers after eating her corpse because that's what Bastard King thinks. But maybe as soon as Ymir was in that dimension, she had already seen three branches on the "tree" (one per daughter). I think it's basically a glorified genealogic tree starting with Ymir, and any branch in that tree is linked because it's a direct descendant of another one, which is basically how the "Paths" connect all Eldians. The founder could manipulate all eldians' memories because they all were connected branches in this huge tree, regardless of whether they were actual titans or potential titans. But in the last hundreds of years, the only ones who ate their predecessors were the Fritz and Warhammer families (and Marleyan "warriors" recently). We were told that if someone did not eat the previous titan holder (let's say, Female titan), then the next eldian baby to be born would be the new Female titan shifter as it would be sent to her through the paths, and this baby quite clearly wouldn't have eaten any spinal fluid from anyone... but he'd be linked to the source of all titan powers by being a branch on this tree. In short, cannibalizing the previous titan was only a fucked up practice to ensure you still kept that titan power in your clan. I think the 9 titan powers were probably born in the three daughters' first 9 children, and each one of them formed his/her own clan, and then they'd do the cannibalizing to ensure that they retained that particular titan. The first of Ymir's grandaughters (Shina's daughter, most likely, as she is the oldest one) would probably be the first founding titan and the antecesor of Dina and Historia. But I don't think Shina, Rose or Maria were actually shifters at any given point (although one or more of them ate her mother's spinal fluid). And that's a "good thing", because if they had inherited some kind of titan power and the 13 year lifespan, there's no way they could have even grown old enough to bear any children. I mean, do we see these three as shifters at any point in the chapter? I think the first time we see a titan after Ymir's death already shows the 8 titans as we know them now, and not the three of them as some kind of shifter with 3 of the aspects we know.

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This is Page 1 of Shingeki No Kyojin 123, click or swipe the image to go to 1 of the manga. I'm worried about Eren, He titanized from just a head, If Ymir listened to him and decided she won't do this anymore, he would be the last titan she creates. But did she heal him while he titanized? I don't see his body in the last page, I'm not sure if we are supposed to see shifters mid-shift, but it reminded me of Rod when he turned to a mindless titan, you don't know where the body is, starts with a skeleton. Enjoy the latest chapter here at MangaNYC. مانجا هجوم العمالقة الفصل Shingeki no Kyojin 123 مترجم مشاهدة مباشرة اون لاين مع التحميل على شقاع.

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Like he's a titan himself, not a human inside a titan. Maybe I'm overthinking this. Wonder if Eren managed to kill Zeke when he shifted. That would be great! He wasn't in a good condition, anyway. Well, looking at Eren's head titanizing panel again, it seems like a spine connected Eren's head to his own spine in his own body and ripped it out of it. To me, it looks like whatever the thing that attached itself to little Ymir inside the tree. The reason why Eren pushed Mikasa and Armin from their delusion was because they really were delusional. He wanted to shake them out of their stupor so that they can be free. Over the 4 years the feeling of freedom started bubbling beyond anything else and it only got accentuated during his time in Marley and getting to know Zeke. Thus, he wanted to shake them up and he kind of meant what he said to them. He really did hate Mikasa's excessive clinginess and Armin's recent pacifism. It wasn't about pushing them away to protect them. Maybe a little. But, actually, it was about showing them who he is, what freedom is, what he values and for them to fucking step up and fucking move. Move beyond this comfort zone that they had created for themselves. And see the world.